Specific Features For Automobile Service Center

Retail, Distribution and manufacturing

Predefined SKUs Details for Automobiles
  • Create your inventory list from standard items or of standard-make, having complete information about Brand name, HSN Code, Tax Rate, Barcode, & MRP etc.
Easiest Billing – Special feature for Auto Industry
  • Just tick items based on Brand/Model and invoice for hundreds of items will be generated on a click

Map Different Part Code from different manufactures for Single Item
  • Use same item for different manufactures using their own Part code for the item
Alert on Minimum Stock Level

  • Generate alert to avoid out of stock position from predefined minimum / Re-order level
MRP Generation
  • Auto Generate Material Requirement based on previous sales trends and minimum stock level
Salesman Wise Billing
  • Easily track the performance of the salesman by their sales figures

BOM Based production
  • Define bill of material, convert raw material to Finish product
Job Work Module
  • Keep complete track on inventory with Jobber with payables

Automobile Service Sector

Job Card for automobile
service management

Material/Service Receipt issue
tracking against job card

Auto Billing based
on Job Card Number

Cost efficiency & enhanced
customer experience

History of
past jobs

Special Features

Single Screen Dashboard
  • Real time - for effective decision support

Single Screen GST Dashboard
  • All in one – Status, filing & reconciliation (Unique) Auto create Customer / Vendor Master from GSTIN Number only

Connected Banking
  • Integrate your ICICI Bank Current Account in minimal steps
  • Realtime view of Bank balances
  • Automate payments
  • Automate receivables
  • Auto-Reconciliation (For ICICI bank & other banks)
Voice-enabled Command
  • 500+ menu commands
  • 400+ Reports
  • 100+ Transactions
  • Prompt access through voice command

Other Key Features

Complete Cycle for Sales & Purchase
  • End to End Solution for Purchase Module and
    Sales Module
Last Sale price info - Customer wise
  • Realtime information at time of billing for Last sales price of Item to the Customer
SMS integration
  • Send informative SMS for the purchase to customer along with Invoice link and payment link
Payment Reminder option
  • Send Reminders to Customer for Payment via Email at a single click, from different mail templates