Mostly Accounting Software Claim to be GST ready !!!

Have you ever thought about efficiency ?


Do you still need to be careful while generating invoice in
Selecting Tax Code/Tax Rate – GST /IGST etc. ?

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Are you overly concerned in generating invoices and selection of Tax Code/Tax Rate and GST /IGST Selection?

Worry not! At AlignBooks, we have the mapping of HSN codes right into the item master. To generate a hassle free invoice, you just have to select the item and customer/vendor account which also has a state linked in its master. Now in just few clicks your worries are set to go including for exports, deemed exports and postings in the system. This is heaps of peace in mind with auto flow(s) and auto check(s) built-in for your confidence.

Are you passing the JVs for reverse charge and Import input while recording purchases?

Worry not! AlignBooks auto posts entries simply based on a feed of the purchase document. Imagine your countless savings in efficiencies. Isn’t this super easy?

Do you still need to generate JSon File then upload to GSTN Server?

Worry not! AlignBooks facilitates generation of e-Way-Bill in a single click and directly connected to GSTN Server. You just need to prepare the invoice and click on Generate e-Way Bill and the system will in instant mail you the generated e-Way Bill and also update the e-Way Bill number in your invoice. Now this is fancy.

Do you need to input all data on GSTN Server or prepare Json and then upload on GSTN Server?

Worry not! AlignBooks facilitates submission of GSTR 3B data directly on GSTN server in a single click. Once submitted, just visit GSTN server for digital signature only. Imagine staying compliant all the time.

In most software’s you need to prepare data through Excel to Json or direct Json. Are you doing the same exercise?

Worry not! AlignBooks allows submission of your GSTR 1 data directly on GSTN server in a single click – No need to generate, verify Json. This is magic touch.

You may be downloading GSTR2A data from GSTN Server and then uploading the same to your software to reconcile. Is that so?

Worry not! AlignBooks provides you a single click facility to auto download GSTR2A from GSTN server, match with your invoices and provide you a mismatch detail. Now that’s amazing.
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  • GSTR2 Reco..
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If you can relate yourself to any of the above pain points, then it’s time for you to question your software. You may be far better off in peace of mind and focus on your sales than worry on staying compliant all the time.